Where will you find your Raystown Moment?

By L. Kerry Miller & Suzanne House

We’ve all heard about seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. The fact is, we all see things through different lenses, and seeing the Raystown Lake Region is no exception. Whether it’s by land, by water, through the air, or in the images we share, each angle has its unique perspective.

Whether it’s for time off or a time out, Raystown is glad you’re here.  We all see Raystown differently. We mark our calendars differently. For some, it is a week or two at the lake; for others, it’s an evening walk to Ridenour Overlook to remind us of how beautiful the region is.

_MG_0276_croppedIt’s a matter of opinion and a matter of taste – lucky for us, Raystown is appealing to any agenda. If you only have a weekend to look out from behind a mug of coffee in to the mountains, then you can.  If you have a week to be pulled behind a boat on a tube or water skis, seeing nothing but water and wake, then load up! An afternoon to look over your bicycle handlebars at some of the northeast’s finest single-track trails – welcome to a few hours of just what the doctor ordered!

Maybe you’re a new recruit and haven’t been here before. We invite you to just make sure you have your sunglasses and your camera; you’re in for a treat.  The Raystown Lake Region welcomes nearly two million visitors per year to the lake and the public land surrounding it for world-class fishing, hiking, hunting, mountain biking and boating.

Take time away from the lake area and enjoy the arts, culture and heritage that thrive throughout Huntingdon County, PA.  Huntingdon County is full of amazing attractions and roadside wonders, as well as some fantastic places to eat and shop.

We invite you to share your “point of view” with us! Do you see the Lake through swimming goggles; through a video camera lens; from an aerial tour? Is your favorite way to see Raystown by looking out under a mountain bike helmet? What about the way it looks from an innertube behind a speedboat; in a hot tub on a houseboat; from a campchair, a kayak, or a cabin window?  For every beauty, there is an eye somewhere to see it and the Raystown Region has something of beauty for everyone to enjoy.

Personal watercraft on Raystown Lake, photo by Kevin Mills.

Personal watercraft on Raystown Lake, photo by Kevin Mills.


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