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Raystown not enrolled in DMAP for the 2013-14 hunting season

RAYSTOWN LAKE, Pa. —The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Raystown Lake announces that they will not be enrolled in the Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP) for the 2013­2014 hunting season. The DMAP is administered by the PA Game Commission and allows additional deer harvest tags in designated areas to allow for greater forest regeneration. DMAP coupons will not be available for the eastern side of Raystown Lake also known as Area 89.

Field observations show the objectives of establishing adequate regeneration throughout Raystown’s forests has been successful. Deer populations are constantly changing so the Corps will continue to closely monitor Raystown’s deer herd using thermal infrared data and vegetative browse surveys to determine DMAP applicability for future seasons.

 This decision also supports the intent of the PA Game Commission’s Executive Order regarding confirmed cases of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) found in Blair and Bedford Counties. CWD Disease Mgmt Areas #2 (DMA 2) includes all Corps owned property on the western side of Raystown Lake. Hunters should become familiar with the Executive Order’s restrictions for Disease Management Areas (DMA) such as prohibitions on feeding of deer, the use of urine­based lures while hunting, and transportation of specific cervid carcass parts out of the DMA. The potential for a decrease in deer populations from CWD exists so the Corps sees no need to further decrease the deer populations at Raystown until further results are found over the 2013­2014 hunting season.

 All authorized hunting locations at Raystown Lake will continue to be open to normal hunting activities and hunters may continue to harvest does using a 4A tag and bucks using their antlered tag.

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Raystown Lake Announces Road Opening; Early Youth and Regular Spring Gobbler Season

RAYSTOWN LAKE, PA — The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Raystown Lake announces the opening of the following access road beginning Saturday, April 21 through Thursday, May 21 for Spring Gobbler hunting.

Wild turkey near Hesston, PA (Photo by Vickie Smith)

Wild turkey photographed near Hesston, PA by Vickie Smith.

The High Germany Road (Gate 28 –Nancy’s Camp Service Road), will be open on April 21 to accommodate the special season for eligible junior hunters and will remain open through May 31 for the regular spring gobbler season.

The Corps will post signs designating hunting and restricted zones within these areas. There is no off-season maintenance on this roadway. The Corps may close this access area depending on weather and road conditions. Vehicle operators will be traveling at their own risk. Hunters participating in hunting activities at the Raystown Lake Project must strictly adhere to all Pennsylvania Game Commission regulations, applicable U.S. Fish and Wildlife regulations, as well as any special regulations posted by the Corps.

For more information on Raystown Lake natural resources and hunting programs, visit the natural resources stewardship link at

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